Press Release

Rancho Cucamonga, CA Dentist Jia Lee Offers Convenient One Day Crowns

Rancho Cucamonga, CA dental patients in need of crowns and other restorations have never had more of a reason to smile.  At Dr. Jia Lee’s practice, various dental prosthetics and restoratives, including crowns, can now be permanently fitted, customized and completed in just a single visit.  Dr. Jia Lee wants his Rancho Cucamonga, CA patients to learn how one day crowns and other dental restorations are possible with CEREC, and why patients have been so thrilled with their new smile results.

One day crowns are completed with highly advanced CEREC technology.  This modern dental resource makes it possible to custom create dental prosthetics in a fraction of the time that would otherwise be necessary for a laboratory creation.  CEREC helps Dr. Jia Lee prepare the patient’s teeth for their one day crown with increased efficiency.  Rancho Cucamonga, CA patients are left with a more convenient, comfortable and reliable smile restoration.

To begin the one day crown process, Dr. Jia Lee first removes any tooth decay and preps the area to be restored.  An advanced digital scanning process then creates a three dimensional image of your prepped tooth and displays it on a computer monitor.  This image is used as the base for CEREC to mill the crown or other prosthetic.  One day crowns are made of highly advanced, compressed porcelain that is even stronger than the layered porcelain of laboratory creates.  In a short time, patients are provided with a stronger, more efficient dental restorative solution.  Once the crown has been completed, Dr. Jia Lee affixes the restorative to the patient’s tooth to complete the one day crown process.

CEREC one day crowns and restoratives eliminate the inconvenience of prolonged and addition visits.  There is no need for return appointments, temporary prosthetics, or uncomfortable impressions.  One day crowns provide patients with efficient, strong solutions that keep their smile beautiful and healthy for a long time to come.  Dr. Jia Lee welcomes questions about one day crowns and encourages Rancho Cucamonga, CA patients in need of crowns or other dental specialties to schedule an appointment at his office today.

*Clients who are interested in One Day Crowns must first have a consultaion with Dr. Lee to see if they qualify for this service. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!