Traditional Metal Braces

  • Eliminate issues that have bothered you for years
  • Get the results you want with a proven treatment
  • Make changes for a healthier smile

Make Smiles Better With Traditional Metal Braces in Rancho Cucamonga

Orthodontic care is nothing new. People have been straightening their teeth for thousands of years. The methods that work are the ones that last, and you can count on great results with traditional metal braces in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. This service will:

  • Work on even severe orthodontic issues
  • Get your teeth into alignment and correct bite problems
  • Improve your oral health

Our amazing team at Jia Y. Lee, DDS wants you to have a straight smile that makes you happy. Get started on your new smile by calling 909-413-5566 for a consultation.

Get Your Teeth in Line By Getting Braces

Metal braces are a treatment you can count on for yourself or your teen. This treatment uses a combination of brackets, wires, and elastic bands to get your teeth where you want them to be. Even with more modern options like Invisalign aligners, braces still remain the best choice for many patients.

Braces are good for multiple reasons. They are:

  • Reliable – The reason we still offer braces is simple. They work. Whether you have crooked or crowded teeth or gaps in your smile that you want to close, braces will fix it. If you have an overbite, underbite, crossbite, or open bite, braces can help you, too.
  • Secure – Braces are secure on your teeth. Removing aligners can be convenient. If you aren’t positive you will be consistent about wearing your aligners, braces take away that concern. Your brackets and wires stay on your teeth throughout your treatment.
  • Versatile – You may be dealing with multiple issues at the same time, and those problems can be mild to severe. In any instance, you can trust that your metal braces will get your teeth where you want them to be.

Few people are lucky enough to have perfect smiles. If you would like to change your imperfect smile, traditional metal braces in Rancho Cucamonga, CA will help you complete your transformation. Call  909-413-5566 to schedule a consultation at Jia Y. Lee, DDS.


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